Ways and terms of payment

  • By wire transfer to our bank account or by using our online card payment facility: 30% advance payment upon your confirmation of your booking. The balance plus a refundable damage deposit of 250 €, is due 56 days (8 weeks) prior to your arrival. Account details will be provided upon your confirmation of booking.
  • Through the Owners Direct online payment facility: In this case Owners Direct will charge you a service fee of 10-12%. The advance payment will be 25% with the balance plus the damage deposit due 56 days (8 weeks) prior to your arrival.

NB: We will soon have our own online card payment, using the service of the largest Greek bank, at no extra cost to you.

If the payment of the balance is delayed, the owner, after duly advising the guest, has the right to consider this as a cancellation and make the villa available to other guests. The guest will be refunded 25% of the advance, as per the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation policy and refund

  • Guests cancelling the booking up to 56 days before check-in, i.e. after the advance payment and before the final payment, will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.
  • If the cancellation is announced between 56 and 28 days prior to check-in date, guests will be refunded 25% of the amounts paid til then.
  • For cancellations announced less than 28 days prior to check-in date, no refund will be made.

Subject to confirmation that no damage or loss of equipment occurred, the damage deposit will be refunded within one week after checkout. To facilitate the process, guests are expected to kindly report any such damage or loss at or before their departure.

Expectations from our guests

There is no extra charge for the use of utilities like electricity, water etc. Still we expect our guests to do their best to avoid waste. Waste will damage the environment and will be detrimental financially, which will lead to raising prices and less improvements for the villa. Good practices like turning off the air-conditioning units when leaving the property, keeping doors and windows shut when air-conditioning is on; turning on the bathroom boiler only when needed etc. will greatly help in this direction whilst demonstrating respect to the environment and the owners.


We, the owners, will do our best to ensure that your experience with us makes you our best advocates. We will appreciate your help in securing that we achieve this!