How to reach Corfu

Corfu can be reached by sea or by air. The International Airport of Corfu, Ioannis Kapodistrias, is located 3 kilometers south of the centre of the island, in the region Kanoni. There are daily flights from and to the airport of Athens, Eleytherios Venizelos, and the duration of the flight is round 1 hour. There is also air connection to Thessaloniki, 3 or 4 times a week. During high period, Corfu is air-connected to a lot of European cities, with charter flights.

Alternatively, you can reach Corfu by ferry-boat, because it is connected with mainland Greece at two places. From Igoumenitsa there are daily routes to Corfu. The trip lasts 1 to 1.5 hour, depending on the type of ferry boat you have select. From the port in Patra, the trip to Corfu lasts 7 -8 hours, but it is very comfortable because the ferry boats are luxurious. Finally, there are boats, which transport you to nearby destinations such as Paxoi, Kefalonia and neighboring Albania.

If you decide to reach the island of Corfu by boat, you should first reach either Igoumenitsa’s port or Patra’s port. You can go there either by private vehicle or by the KTEL buses of Corfu, which stop at the port and have direct sea-connection to Corfu. The distance Thessaloniki-Igoumenitsa is also 500 kilometers; there are also 2 daily routes and the bus stops in Larissa and in Ioannina.

How to move in Corfu


In Corfu there are available two bus-services, which are well-organized, with modern vehicles and frequent itineraries. The first is the municipal bus service. These buses transfer you in the capital and in the suburbs: Afra, Saint Ioannis, Kanoni, Perama, Achillean. The second service is the KTEL, which offers transportation to long-distanced regions of the island such as: Lefkimi, Kavos, Karoysades, Saint Panteleimon, Saint Gordios, Glyfada and a lot of other.


Corfu is a large island and for this reason the best way in order to get around to the historical monuments, the beaches and the picturesque villages is the private vehicle. If you have not brought your car on the island, there are a lot of car rental options available from our website.


Alternatively, if you do not want to rent a car, you can take a taxi to get around the island. You can find taxi-stations, in the most cental points of the island, such as San Rokko Square and Theotoki Street, but there is also the telephone service of radio-taxi.


Wonderful photos of Corfu by Vasilis Doukakis

Attractions in Corfu

Besides the showcase main town and a handful of museums, there are waterparks, riding stables, scuba centres (especially at Paleokastrítsa), old castles to clamber over, sleepy villages to explore, and hiking.

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